DCE Cold Room Panel

DCE Cold Room Panel

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DCE Storage

DCE stands for dynamic control of ethylene, It is a new storage concept that is integrated into costing CA/ULO storages. The system offers the opportunity to take dependable decisions about length of storage, for example, while storing fruit, DCE monitors the quality of the fourth.


Ethylene is a gaseous substance that plays an important role in initiating the ripening of most types of fruit. Ethylene is produced by the fruit itself. As a particular moment, ethylene production increases of significantly and the respiration of the fruit increases too. That moment is known as the dimectatrum and means that ripending has commenced. This dimeded has to be avoided during the (long term) storage of fruit.

Measuring ethylene

Measuring ethylene is not simple. Current ethylene meters are often not sensitive enough however the most frequently occurirng problem is specificity. Most ethyiene meters are very sensitive to CO2, temperature relative humidity and aromatics (odours from the fruit) Van Ameongen, however, has developed a new ethylene sensor with a company named Environmental monitoring systems (EMS) that is not only extremely sensitive (detection limit of 5 ppb) but is also very specific.


  • Ethylene valves provide an indication of the status and quality of the fruit. The system is supported by scientific research
  • DCE makes decision making easier and more accurate
  • DCE gives you an insight into what your CA/ULO system is doing. Is ethylene transfer taking place. How much ethylene is being removed by the CO2 scrubber. What does an ethylene analyser do
  • Ethylene values are recorded in our UniCool software package everything is clear in the blink of an eye